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Prepare for a CE Audit with These Important Tips

As a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer (AT), there is a chance your continuing education (CE) requirements could be audited at any time. At first glance the word “audit” may seem intimidating or even scary. However, the BOC audit plays an important role in protecting the value and quality of your ATC© credential. An audit validates that you, as a credential holder, are: maintaining continual competence and enhancing your professional skills and judgment.

The BOC is here to help take some of the uncertainty out of a CE audit by answering these common questions:

1. How does the BOC select who is audited?

The BOC audits three different groups:

  • ATs who submit CE requirements after the December 31 deadline
  • ATs who have received a sanction of an audit for disciplinary reasons
  • ATs selected randomly

2. How does the BOC notify an AT they are being audited?

The BOC mails one audit notification and emails several audit reminders. Audit notifications include step-by-step instructions for submitting all CE and ECC documentation electronically through BOC Central™. Log into your BOC Central profile to confirm your contact information is current so you don’t miss any BOC communications.

3. How long should an AT hold on to their CE and ECC documentation?

The BOC can audit ATs up to two years after a reporting period ends, therefore; CE and ECC documentation should be kept for at least two years after the reporting period ends.

4. How do ATs submit audit documentation to the BOC?

Audit notices include step-by-step instructions for submitting CE and ECC documentation electronically through BOC Central. Once notified, ATs have 45 days to upload their CE and ECC documentation.

5. What happens if mistakes are found during the audit review process?

Each audit is reviewed individually. If an irregularity is discovered, BOC staff will work with you on options to remedy mistakes. These irregularities will need to be replaced with activities that meet the BOC certification maintenance requirements.

If you have any questions about the BOC audit, contact for more information. Click here for tips on how to avoid common audit errors.

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