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Why Athletic Trainers?

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From Amazon to NASA to athletic teams to orthopedic clinics: Why Athletic Trainers are found everywhere performance is valued.

At the heart of athletic training is a love of people with a focus on performance. Athletic Trainers possess the value-adding skills that are vital in a wide variety of settings. They are highly skilled health care professionals who can:

  • Assess the root cause quickly.
  • Immediately identify paths to wellness.
  • Work across both the body’s and practice’s systems.
  • Get patients back in the game – in the office, factory, military or on the field.

Because of their keen understanding of the why behind the script, they can develop creative and effective treatment plans and leverage the power of the entire health care team. As expert health care providers, their broad base of knowledge allows them to be flexible and creative – they can do whatever needs to get done.

“I brought an AT(Athletic Trainer) in. The result was a huge success, I just don’t know what to tell you, but I’ve never had anyone work as well with our patients as this AT.”

-Athletic Trainer Employer

“Athletic Trainers work side by side with physicians- our physicians advocate for ATs. They go above and beyond.”

-Athletic Trainer Employer

The Board of Certification provides the gold standard credential for athletic training.

The quality of our credential helps ensure that the Athletic Trainer you hire will be supremely qualified and ready to practice right from the start. Our recertification requirements are among the most stringent in health care and maintenance of the credential demonstrates our commitment to the profession. For those reasons and many others, the BOC is the only accredited certification program for Athletic Trainers.

In addition to our certification programs, we are advocates for the profession. Our goal is to continue to elevate the perception of Athletic Trainers. We work closely with the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) to achieve this goal. We are always working to identify and develop specialty certifications within athletic training, such as the BOC Orthopedic Specialty Certification.

Value to Employers

Because of the value Athletic Trainers bring, employers don’t hire just one.

When employers in any setting experience the value of having an Athletic Trainer on staff, they typically hire more. Here’s what makes Athletic Trainers so valuable:

  • They are very skilled at assessment. This helps ensure the patient receives a proper examination and the right plan of care from the beginning.
  • They are masters of performance – from the moment of injury to return-to-performance, they understand the why behind the body’s musculoskeletal system and are able to optimize interventions to achieve high-level performance.
  • They not only understand the body’s systems, but they are also tech-savvy optimizers of practice systems.
  • They collaborate with physicians – performing patient evaluation in the clinic, a right hand in the operating room, an expert on brace and equipment fitting – allowing physicians to see more patients.
  • They have a genuine interest in people and often connect with patients on a deeper level – contributing to the continuity of care, patient loyalty, referrals and a better overall experience.
  • They come ready and prepared – they add immediate knowledge, skills and value.
  • They are true team players – an asset that strengthens the entire care team with broad knowledge and excellent communication skills.
The bottom line is that the knowledge and skills of Athletic Trainers not only result in better patient outcomes but real value and a significant return on investment.

Studies demonstrate that the services of Athletic Trainers ease financial pressure on the health care system.

According to two independent studies, for each $1 invested in preventive care from an Athletic Trainer, there is up to a $7 return on investment.

“If something is wrong, call an AT (Athletic Trainer) because they don’t need a script to tell them what’s wrong. They’re used to the field. Is it something? Is it nothing? They’ll know.”

-Athletic Trainer Employer

Isn’t it time you added Athletic Trainers to your organization?

Where can you find Athletic Trainers today?

The field of athletic training is growing rapidly, as employers across a wide range of practice settings experience the incredible value Athletic Trainers bring to patients, employees, organizations and others on the health care team.

Athletic Trainers practice in and throughout:
  • Secondary schools, colleges and universities, professional sports, performing arts
  • Youth leagues, municipal and independently owned youth sports organizations
  • Physician practices and other professional clinic settings
  • Hospitals, urgent and ambulatory care centers
  • Specialty clinics including sports medicine, cardiac rehab, wellness and physical therapy
  • Occupational health departments in commercial, industrial and office settings
  • Police and fire departments and academies, and branches of the military

Athletic Trainers are team players who can be the connective tissue in a siloed health care system. As expert health care providers, their broad base of knowledge allows them to be flexible and creative – they can do whatever needs to get done.

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