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Will there be any conversations about getting CEUS or “Credits” for being an athletic training educator?

You can receive credit for attending programs that teach you how to teach skills such as cupping, joint mobilizations, IASTM, etc. If the program is provided by a BOC Approved Provider it will qualify for Category A, and if not, Category D. The following explanation is provided in the BOC Certification Maintenance document:

If the program/activity content incorporates tasks from the current Practice Analysis in a substantive manner or has a focus of health care education, it may qualify for CEUs. If the content of the program/activity addresses pedagogy or improving the skill of teaching, or assessing participant learning outcomes, it does not qualify for CEU. For example, programs related to teaching a clinical skill, documentation or communication involve tasks in the Practice Analysis and qualifies for CEUs. Curriculum design, however, does not represent tasks incorporated in the Practice Analysis and does not qualify for CEUs

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