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Will this program require more of an AT’s time and money to fulfill CE requirements?

No. We know ATs carry more than a full load, and the time you spend in professional development should be time well-spent. The new system is being designed to:

Give you more flexibility – Autonomy and ability to incorporate the material that will advance your own practice and goals, best adapted to your practice setting.

Be more efficient – We heard the question, “Will it take more time and money?” and the answer to that is “no”. The concept does not include an increase in required CE; in fact, the number of required CE may decrease. Our goal is to make CE count, not count CEU’s. We are looking for ways we can make use of what you already do day to day that may contribute to CE. (Meanwhile, it is difficult to estimate the exact amount of time and dollars recertification will take, as each AT would be making choices about their individualized plan, but it should not cost more).

Add more value – With new approaches that help ATs actually focus your learning on what you need and want to learn to increase your knowledge, skills and abilities. The PGA is an excellent example of how this can be done at a low cost. ATs who complete the PGA earn 10 Category B CEUs for $65.

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