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BOC Resources for Planning CE Programs

As a BOC Approved Provider the Practice Analysis, 8th Edition (PA8), as well as the “2024-2025 Certification Maintenance Requirements” should help guide you in the development of content for your continuing education (CE) programs targeting Athletic Trainers (ATs) from the very beginning planning stages.


PA8 is a valuable resource for planning the focus of each program and helps you to adhere to the requirement that content lines up with the defined practice analysis. Keep this document in mind when you are creating a program to address practice gaps and the clinical bottom line.

With the implementation of PA8, please note that starting Jan. 1, 2024, CE programs must now align with the new PA8. Here are resources to help you understand the changes reflected in the new version:

A practice analysis is a validated study that identifies essential knowledge and skills required for entry into the athletic training profession and serves as the blueprint not just for the BOC exam and continuing competence programming.

Revised Certification Maintenance Requirements:

In addition to an updated PA8, there have been some recent changes to the “2024-2025 Certification Maintenance Requirements” that guide ATs’ recertification (pg. 6 CE Description) which will expand your CE opportunity options.

CE programs can now include content that provides knowledge and skills to enhance an AT’s ability to be an effective educator. Keep in mind continuing education units are not awarded for their role as an educator, only skills improvement.

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