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Featured BOC Approved Provider: 3B Orthopaedics – Jefferson Health Program

The BOC regularly features BOC Approved Providers for notable efforts to enhance its continuing education programs for Athletic Trainers (ATs). Featured organizations follow the guidelines set forth by the BOC. Charlotte Peraino is the program coordinator for the 3B Orthopaedics – Jefferson Health Program and shares her organization’s experience.

Why does your organization choose to participate in the BOC Approved Provider Program?
We are a sports medicine practice that works closely with multiple high schools and colleges that employ ATs. Being a BOC Approved Provider allows us to maintain close relations with the athletic training community.

How have the BOC standards and guidelines for BOC Approved Providers impacted your program development and administrative processes to offer continuing education programs for ATs?

The guidelines are very clear, making it easy to put together a program and provide continuing education (CE).

How do you design your curriculum to help participants improve outcomes in the patients they serve?

Our curriculum is heavily influenced by the audience so we present topics that the ATs in our community believe will help improve their fundamental knowledge base. We often have experts on the topic being presented as part of our journal club experience.

What advice do you have for organizations looking to be on the cutting edge and maintain compliance, as they develop education programs?

The BOC is an excellent resource with clear-cut guidelines on how to obtain and maintain educational programs. We also try to incorporate topics for CE that are suggested by the ATs who participate in our journal club. The combination helps us address the needs for the ATs while making BOC compliance easy to accommodate.

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