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Featured BOC Approved Provider: American Society of Orthopedic Professionals

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The BOC regularly features BOC Approved Providers for notable efforts to enhance its continuing education programs for Athletic Trainers (ATs). Featured organizations follow the guidelines set forth by the BOC. Keith A. Vanic, PhD, LAT, ATC, OPE-C, FASOP is the chair of the Continuing Education Committee for the American Society of Orthopedic Professionals and shares his organization’s experience.


Why does your organization choose to participate in the BOC Approved Provider Program?
For close to 25 years, the American Society of Orthopedic Professionals (ASOP) has served as an Approved Provider in delivering high-quality, content-focused continuing education opportunities for Athletic Trainers (ATs). ASOP (P120) recognizes the integral role ATs play in the health care landscape. By participating in the BOC Approved Provider Program, ASOP ensures that the continuing education courses being offered meet the standards set by the BOC. This affiliation not only underscores our dedication to delivering the finest professional development opportunities but also aligns with our mission to elevate the clinical practice and knowledge base of ATs. ATs who participate in ASOP courses can be confident in the relevance, applicability and quality of the content, knowing it aligns with the BOC’s standards for ongoing professional development. ATs can view our latest Category A CEU offerings at

How have the BOC standards and guidelines for BOC Approved Providers impacted your program development and administrative processes to offer continuing education programs for ATs?

The BOC standards and guidelines for BOC Approved Providers have played a pivotal role in shaping the way ASOP designs and administers its continuing education programs for ATs. Adherence to these standards confirms ASOP’s commitment to maintain its comprehensive curriculum development and review process, while ensuring that content is both current and relevant to the evolving needs of ATs. Furthermore, these guidelines strengthen a focus on evidence-based practice to regularly source and incorporate the latest research and innovations into program content. Administratively, the BOC’s reporting and documentation requirements parallels ASOP’s detailed tracking and evaluation methods. As such, this substantiates that all participants receive consistent, high-quality continuing education programming that is rooted in evidence-based practice and ensures that outcomes can be measured effectively. In essence, the BOC’s standards have instilled a culture of continuous improvement within the ASOP, reinforcing our commitment to deliver unparalleled continuing education to ATs.


How do you design your curriculum to help participants improve outcomes in the patients they serve?

ASOP adopts a multifaceted, innovative approach to course programming with a central focus on enhancing patient outcomes. By understanding existing gaps in knowledge and skills, ASOP ensures that our curriculum addresses the most pressing challenges faced in the field. Such vision is evident in our fully cross-walked 260+ CEU catalog to support the AT in pursuing the professional development route towards “Path 2” completion for BSC-O eligibility.

Next, ASOP engages a diverse team of educators, researchers and practicing ATs. This collaborative method ensures that courses are not only evidence-based but also rooted in real-world applications. Our practical approach, particularly with our hands-on casting workshops, ensures that participants can immediately apply new knowledge and techniques into the workplace, thereby directly benefiting their patients.

Furthermore, ASOP incorporates a continuous feedback loop, allowing course participants to provide insights and reviews upon completion. Over the years, this feedback has been invaluable, helping ASOP refine and optimize course content to stay aligned with the evolving needs of the profession.

To ensure long-term improvements in patient outcomes, ASOP courses include post-course assessment tools. Such culminating experiences enable participants to gauge the direct impact of their enhanced skills on patient care and potential outcomes.

What advice do you have for organizations looking to be on the cutting edge and maintain compliance, as they develop education programs?

For organizations dedicated to advancing the professional development of ATs while maintaining BOC compliance, understanding the dynamic academic and employment landscape for ATs is paramount. Begin with a needs assessment, capturing the shifting demands and challenges faced by ATs in today’s rapidly evolving health care environment. Always reference the BOC’s guidelines to ensure that courses are relevant with the current practice analysis but also stay firmly within the realm of BOC compliance. Lastly, in the constantly evolving world of athletic training, program adaptability, commitment to excellence and rigorous adherence to BOC standards will keep your educational offerings both cutting-edge, evidence-based and compliant.

In these economic times, we recognize that ATs have to carefully select where to spend professional development monies. ASOP (P120) is your trusted “Tier 1” CEU provider and will provide the most cost-effective programming at the highest value.

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