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International Arrangement Standards Provide Benchmark During Credentials Evaluation Process

The standards established by the International Arrangement (IA) organizations were used during the recent process of credentials evaluation conducted in collaboration with the International Consultants of Delaware (ICD). The current credentialing organizations included in the IA are Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland (ARTI), British Association of Sport Rehabilitators (BASRaT), BOC (USA) and Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA). Through cooperation and collaboration, the IA established its minimum educational standards for Athletic Trainers/Therapists and Sport Rehabilitators. These standards serve as a benchmark during the process of credentials evaluation conducted by ICD to ensure that entry-to-practice skills and competencies as an Athletic Trainer/Therapist and Sport Rehabilitator have been acquired by the applicant.

During an ICD evaluation, education comparability is completed through a detailed analysis of academic courses, syllabi, continuing professional education and other related activities. These help to describe the applicant’s cumulative knowledge, abilities, behavior and expertise. Any gaps in the applicant’s education and training are reflected in the official credentials’ evaluation report.

ICD prepares the credentials evaluation report for the applicant using transcripts, license verification and other documents sent directly from primary sources. The sending institutions attest to the authenticity of these documents and the accuracy of the information provided via official seals and signatures, which are further verified using ICD databases. Additional document forensic measures are applied as warranted.

Your state may want/need to consider the questions below to address the potential licensure applications from ATs originating outside the U.S. Are you able to grant them a license?

  1. Do you require U.S. citizenship?
  2. Do you require completion of an accredited program?
  3. Do you require a U.S. degree?
  4. Do you require language proficiency?
  5. Are there any requirements that preclude an Athletic Trainers coming through IA from obtaining a license?
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