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Public Protection: The Role of the Disciplinary Action Exchange Resource

One focus of the mission of the BOC is to “assure protection of the public.” The Disciplinary Action Exchange (DAE) was developed to help the BOC, states, and consumers locate disciplinary actions involving Athletic Trainers (ATs). The system was designed to provide public information around disciplinary actions in an efficient manner. When a disciplinary case is added to the DAE, state contacts receive an email notification (unless you have specifically opted out of communications.)

The DAE contains final BOC disciplinary actions that have been deemed public, as well as public disciplinary actions taken by state regulatory agencies. All actions posted to the DAE have been confirmed as public information. All states are encouraged to participate in the DAE. To gain more information in regards to a disciplinary action taken by a state, please contact the State Regulatory Agency. In addition, if you would like more information in regards to a disciplinary action taken by the BOC, please send an email to

Regulatory Connect Dashboard Dae

The DAE submission process is as follows.

  • Log in to AT Regulatory Connect
  • Click Discipline (DAE)
  • Click New Disciplinary Action
  • Search for the Athletic Trainer for whom you would like to submit a disciplinary action and complete the form
  • BOC staff will be notified, will review the submission and will accept or reject the submission
    • If accepted, you will receive an email requesting you to make the final approval and once you approve, the submission will be posted
    • If rejected, a BOC staff member will contact you
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