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Supporting Athletic Trainer Continuing Education Needs

The BOC would like to acknowledge the BOC Approved Providers who provide continuing education (CE) to Athletic Trainers (ATs), especially as we move into a recertification year. Thank you for your professionalism and dedication.

During 2020 we launched an enhanced BOC Approved Provider section on our website, as well as the new BOC360 portal and a new program directory. These tools and resources will continue to evolve and be fine-tuned to further enhance user experience for all of you and the ATs we serve.

ATs are looking for continuing education units (CEUs) now. Are you ready?

The pandemic created many challenges in 2020 and continues to impact ATs and their ability to work and obtain education to meet requirements. As the recertification deadline remains set for Dec. 31, 2021, our goal is to increase the availability of CE options for ATs that are easily accessible and affordable. We encourage you as a BOC Approved Provider to maximize exposure of your programs to the audience of ATs who will be searching for opportunities.

Here are steps to increase accessibility of your programs to the AT audience:

  • Use FREE Marketing Resource to Promote Programs: Add new offerings to the program directory through BOC360, as well as ensure your current offerings are up to date. The program directory search function was added to the home page of the BOC website to make it easier for ATs to find and search for programs. In addition, the BOC will be promoting this resource extensively to ATs, so make sure your programs are listed within this valuable marketing resource. In addition, fields within each event post have been expanded to add more detail, such as a numerical value for cost.
  • Offer Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Programs: While we announced that EBP will be sunsetting as a separate category at the start of 2022, ATs still need to earn EBP requirements for recertification during 2021. Consider offering approved and newly approved EBP programs throughout the year. Applications are accessible through BOC360.
  • Adapt Program Modality: To increase online options for ATs consider adapting face to face programs to virtual mode. Here are some technology resources to assist with this transition.

Get started today! Take advantage of BOC Approved Provider tools and resources to keep your programs in front of ATs working to fill recertification requirements over the coming months. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the BOC at

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