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Will Athletic Trainers who have achieved BOC Orthopedic Specialty Certification have the opportunity to assist in the operating room?

Obviously, there are many factors that determine who is invited to assist in the operating room. But with the BOC Orthopedic Specialty Certification, the elevated perception of Athletic Trainer’s skills and knowledge will come into play with surgeons as they decide who they want to assist during procedures.

The BOC will be working with employers to ensure they understand the value these specialized practitioners bring to their practice – note the topline benefits, which include operating room assistance. For any employer, optimizing the value that an Athletic Trainer can bring to a team hinges on them understanding the skills, experience and knowledge they possess. The BOC Orthopedic Specialty Certification is an important step in that direction.

The “BOC Orthopedic Practice Analysis” (OPA) defines the domains (medical knowledge, procedural knowledge, professional practice) and task statements that will be assessed on the Orthopedic Specialty Exam. We suggest Athletic Trainers review the domains and task statements comparing them to what they encounter within their specific practice. The knowledge and skills required of each domain and task statement can be found in the full OPA.

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