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Will earning the BOC Orthopedic Specialty Certification increase my salary?

In other health care professions, such as physical therapy, nursing and pharmacy, those practitioners with a specialty certification earn more. We cannot promise this, but going forward, we anticipate that to hold true for those who earn the BOC Orthopedic Specialty Certification. Of course, salaries are established by employers and are correlated to the value you bring to the practice. The launch of specialties is one important step toward helping employers understand the value you provide. Be prepared to show how your orthopedic specialty certification offers a return on investment that justifies a higher salary.
Below are a few resources of the other health care professions who have indicated as such:…

The rigor involved in launching a specialty that meets the requirements of true board certification is significant. A thorough and in-depth process was followed, supported by multiple research projects, including one to define the Orthopedic Practice Analysis (OPA). The purpose of the OPA is to identify and validate the significant responsibilities that ATs who specialize in orthopedics have in their work, as well as the specialized knowledge and skills they must possess. The practice analysis study consisted of two major phases: 1) Initial Development and Validation and 2) Validation Study, both of which are outlined in detail as part of the OPA. The OPA for the orthopedic specialty is available on the BOC website.

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