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Will the Orthopedics Specialty Certification Exam be based primarily on the residency curriculum?

The exam will align with the domain, task, knowledge and skill statements outlined in the “BOC Orthopedic Practice Analysis.” Questions for the specialty certification exam are prepared by a committee made up of Athletic Trainers who specialize in orthopedics. Each question is validated by a panel of independent judges, referenced to current resources from the literature on or related to athletic training in the orthopedic specialty and repeatedly edited by Athletic Trainers for clarity and content.

Exam questions are developed to assess knowledge on subject matter from the domains of orthopedic specialty in athletic training. Each question is also subjected to editing for grammar and technical adequacy by experts from the BOC’s testing agency. Thus, content experts write the questions and validate their appropriateness for the exam, and experts in testing review the questions to ensure that the questions perform as intended.

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